Good Food, Good Cause

For the past year, the Ramapoo Lenape have been protecting sacred land (in so-called "New Jersey") from the threat of AIM and Pilgrim pipeline construction. Gas pipelines endanger our water, families, and wildlife; Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp is protecting us.

Turn Thanksgiving, a colonial holiday, into a day of First Nation solidarity. Fikira and foodeveryonedeserves will make amazing food for your family gathering, while you help us raise money for this indigenous camp.

How it works: Fill your cart with the menu items you would like. At check out, select a delivery date, desired time of day for delivery, and then enter the address you would like us to deliver to as your "Shipping Address". You'll also have the opportunity to tell us if you have any dietary restrictions/allergies. Photos of menu items to-be-added, stay tuned!

Flying Dragon Panetone

Flying Dragon Panetone


Flying Dragon is also known as Hardy Lemon, a citrus that grows in our region. We candy the peels for the candied portion of this sweet bread. It takes three days to fold this into golden perfection, but the fluffy flaky result are unlike any other bread we make. Slices are excellent on their own, as well as dressed into Fancy French Toast.

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