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Bread and a story.

  Turmeric mineral water rolls.

Turmeric mineral water rolls.

Fikira Bakery's Seasonal Bread Share Program is a unique subscription bread experience.

Every week for 24 weeks we feature a different foodmaker (farmer, chef, organizer, purveyor) in a unique baked good. 
Every week our subscribers receive:
-One loaf, dessert, or a six-pack of baked goods.
-A story about the work our featured folks are doing in/around Philly (culminating in our Bread Stories publication)
-Discounts on all 2018 Fikira workshops, in collaboration with our favorite food makers.

Our offerings are vegetable-forward and medicinal. We use ethical, premium ingredients, and work with your personal dietary needs. We value relationships with our farmers and fellow food creators, and use the Bread Share as a way to bring you into those relationships. We show, and tell, you what "nutritiously delicious" means to us.  All shares are choose your own price, $3-8 a week.

  Bitter chocolate and tahini crown.

Bitter chocolate and tahini crown.

Some 2017 Featured Food Heroes:

  • Franny Lou's Porch
  • Jewish Farm School
  • La Finquita
  • Philadelphia Orchard Project
  • PB & Jams
  • Mill Creek Farm
  • Community Supported Kitchen (K is for Kitchen)
  • Philadelphia Assembled (PHLA) Kitchen
  • Bri Barton
  • Red Lake Nation Foods
  • Clay Kitchen Studio



Bread Pudding Picnic

This year (2018) neighbors can buy Bread Share with SNAP (Food Stamps) thanks to Greensgrow FarmsUse your Access Card to subscribe to Greensgrow's SNAP box (a weekly package of local, seasonal veggies, aka "CSA"), then add on Fikira's Bread Share. Though we are sliding scale, we cannot accept food stamps directly at this time. This new subscription offering is a one-stop-shop for your healthy food needs. Scroll down for other subscription options.

Summer Share 2018: June 4th-August 24th (12 weeks)
Autumn Share 2018: August 27th-November 16th (12 weeks)

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