About Us

What is "fikira"?

فكيرة = "Think"

Fikira Bakery was founded in 2015 by Ailbhe Pascal in so-called "Philadelphia," occupied Nitapèkunk Coaquanok Leanpehoking. Fikira is Thoughtful Food; delicious and deliberately political. Fikira makes sweets and meals alike, putting righteous ingredients in the oven, and offering the finished yums for barter, fair sale, or donation. We also publish radical recipe books, teach bread making workshops, and collaborate around town. We rent kitchen space from other businesses to deliver directly to you--no store front of our own at this time.


who is fikira?


Ailbhe Pascal is a sing-songy queerdo who bakes up anti-colonial schemes and cooks up culinary dreams. Al is a culinary artist, writer, and activist who founded Fikira with a passion for Philly's communities.

J.A.'s profile

J.A. Harris is a Black, Queer, femme cook. Her project, foodeveryonedeserves, strives to fuel the important work of community building by providing radical organizations, businesses & individuals with flexible & alternative food options for events and everyday living. f.e.d. recognizes the significance of the experience around a shared meal and the necessity for people working in their communities to eat better. Follow fed_catering on Instagram to keep up with her foodstuffs!

Site photography credit: Amy Jean, Philadelphia artist and food activist.